Sophisticated design

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning units are durable, easy to use, slim and powerful and look attractive. The Indoor and Outdoor Units are subjected to rigorous durability testing which further improves design. The front panel is easily detached, making cleaning a breeze.

Quick Clean Design

Indoor units must be cleaned regularly in order to ensure good cooling efficiency and longer operational life. In fact, frequent cleaning can reduce an electricity bill by as much as 30%. Over the years, we have evolved the designs of our indoor units into self-maintenance models that can be cleaned in a snap. By combining user-friendliness and self-maintenance features, we have developed a modular internal structure that is 90% cleanable.    

Quick Clean Design is available on these models:

Exclusive Quick Clean Kit (standard)

Quick Clean Kit (optional part MAC-093SS-E)

An effective special cleaning adaptor, the Quick Clean Kit is specifically designed to allow you to easily clean the 'hard to get' places to ensure efficient dust free operation of your Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner. The kit contains a flexible connection hose, two washable brush attachments, instruction booklet, and a universal adaptor to fit a range of vacuum pipe sizes.

Outdoor Units

Outdoor units are often exposed to punishment from the elements. So, in the pursuit of trouble-free ruggedness, Mitsubishi Electric conducts tests under conditions even harsher than the extremes of nature. The results are applied to the design of products that require less maintenance and have greatly improved durability.   


Sophisticated Design

The glossy pure white color compliments any room decor. When not in use, both upper and lower air outlets are closed. Slim and trim, the body size is ideal for installation in any room.