Gigabit-Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (GE-PON)

Gigabit-Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (GE-PON)

Fusing gigabit Ethernet and PON technologies, Mitsubishi Electric GE-PON system provides economical super high speed access circuits at up to 1Gbps.

Mitsubishi Electric communications systems

Communication Systems

Mitsubishi Electric is a major force in communication systems. We develop and install the optical fiber, wired and wireless systems that comprise the planet's space-based, terrestrial and wireless communications infrastructure.

Greater mobility is what we're all about. We started out developing citywide car phone systems as far back as 1972, and now we make leading edge mobile phone networks, optical submarine cable networks, optical transport and access networks and satellite communication systems. We even make telescopes and big antennas for probing deep space. What's more, our breakthroughs in Internet security algorithms and MPEG technology have been adopted as global standards.

More information on Mitsubishi Electric communicatons systems is available on the Mitsubishi Electric Corporate Global Site.